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CDFW Highlights | Qatar Day and Doha Events

国家日海报 卡塔尔

During the first Chengdu Finance Week, the Committee held the “Qatar Day – Qatar Innovative Finance Conference” and a series of visiting activities in Doha, Qatar. Under the theme of “Shape an Innovative and Sustainable Future for Qatar and China“, the conference was conducted to discuss China-Qatar financial services and innovative investment in the construction of the western financial centre. During the conference, cooperation agreements related to the “Belt and Road” financial services were signed, and discussions and exchanges were carried out with Qatar’s financial regulators, international financial centres, free trade zones, sovereign wealth funds, stock exchanges, banks and other institutions. During the event, bilateral institutions also discussed long-term cooperation, especially around Chengdu Financial Week, CIDP (Cross-Border Investment & Financing Digital Platform), X-Nexus( An Empowermentment Platform forStock Exchanges to China), Chengdu Middle East Centre, and other key platform projects.

Participants recognize that the economic collaboration between China and Qatar is robust, affirming the advantageous position of Chengdu and the Western Financial Centre. With their comprehensive financial service ecosystem and robust industrial base, these entities possess inherent potential for fostering industry-finance alliances on an international scale. Qatar maintains a preeminent position in the Middle East and globally across various sectors including cultural and tourism economy, sports economy, education economy, and media economy. Similarly, Chengdu stands at the forefront of these emerging industries within China. The convened event and conference provided a platform for both parties to acknowledge the substantial opportunities and potential for cooperation. Through collaborative efforts, both sides can harness these opportunities to cultivate new focal points for economic cooperation between the two nations.

Participants Guests (partial)
Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida
Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Financial Centre
Michael G. Ryan
Board Member and Chief Executive Officer,
Qatar Financial Center Regulatory Authority
Henk Jan Hoogendoorn
Chief of Financial Sector Officer of Qatar Financial Centre
Jiazhong Wang
Vice President – Financial Services Asia Market Financial Sector Officer,
Qatar Financial Centre
Ahmad Al Tayeb
Chief Investment Officer of Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company
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