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CDFW Highlights | Saudi Arabia Day and Riyadh Events

国家日海报 沙特阿拉伯

During the first Chengdu Finance Week, the Committee held the “Saudi Arabia Day-Saudi Arabia-China Innovation Finance Conference” and a series of visiting activities in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Under the theme of “Shape an Innovative and Sustainable Future for Saudi Arabia and China”, the conference focused on China-Saudi Arabia financial services and innovative investment in the construction of the western financial centre and conducted in-depth discussions. During the conference, cooperation agreements related to the “Belt and Road” financial services were signed, and discussions and exchanges were held with Saudi government departments, sovereign wealth funds, stock exchanges, banks and other institutions. During the event, bilateral institutions also discussed long-term cooperation, especially around the Chengdu Finance Week, CIDP (Cross-Border Investment & Financing Digital Platform), X-Nexus( An Empowerment Platform for Stock Exchanges to China), Chengdu Middle East Centre, and other key platform projects.

Participants believe that China’s industrial capacity and innovation prowess possess the potential to profoundly and sustainably facilitate Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation. Chengdu, alongside the Western Finance Centre, endowed with a comprehensive financial service ecosystem and a robust industrial foundation, is poised to extend industry-financing alliances to Saudi Arabia. The diversified nature of Saudi Arabia’s economic development presents promising investment avenues for Chinese enterprises, particularly those rooted in Chengdu. Key sectors such as electronic information, new energy, high-tech manufacturing, infrastructure, new agriculture, culture, and tourism offer substantial cooperation opportunities, expected to yield significant and emblematic mutual investments in the foreseeable future.

Participants Guests (partial)
Saleh Al Khabti
Deputy Minister of Investment Transaction Deputyship,
Saudi Ministry of Investment
Ryadh M. Alkhareif
Deputy Minister for International Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Saudi Arabia
Nayef Saleh Al Athel
Chief of Listing at Saudi Exchange
Mohammed Benmahfoudh
Senior Advisor of Saudi Ministry of Investment
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